Wim Schuhmacher (1894-1986)

Wim Schuhmacher stilleven met blauwe vaas circa 1914 1080x1608 - Wim Schuhmacher (1894-1986)Wim Schuhmacher stilleven met blauwe vaas circa 1914

Wim Schuhmacher (Amsterdam, 1894-1986)

Stilleven met blauwe vaas

Oil on canvas, 83 x 56 cm, signed lower right, painted circa 1914

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Wim Schuhmacher (Dutch, 1894-1986) was a painter and illustrator, who also designed furniture and stage sets. He is especially known for his meticulous way of painting and the gray haze that covered his later works.

Schuhmacher was proud of the perfect technique he had developed: the sleek, carefully depicted shapes are painted on the canvas without any visible brushstrokes. His introduction to the Bergen School played an important part in his development, but around 1924 he distanced himself from the collective and developed his own style. The decolorized world which was depicted in his works from that point on, was a reflection of the way he saw the world. The many shades of gray he used composing his paintings earned him the alias ‘The Master of Gray’. He developed an unearthly, serene style by combining these gray shades with light that lacks a clearly defined point of origin, as if it is emanating from everywhere and nowhere.