The Arnhem Fayence Factory

Arnhemsche Fayence merk - Arnhemsche FayenceThe Arnhem Fayence Factory

The ‘Arnhemsche Fayencefabriek‘ was founded by the brothers Klaas and Jacob Vet in 1907. Their workshop produced decorative and luxury household earthenware until 1934 and is famous for its lineair designs, ornate lines, on a creamy white base, finished off with a matte glaze.

After their first factory in Purmerend burned down, the Vet brothers established a new factory at the Amsterdamscheweg in Arnhem. Several designs and decors had survived the flames and these were often used in the early years. The creations were inspired by the designs of Rozenburg and the elegant vases of De Distel, where Klaas had been an apprentice.

The factory is renowned for its application of matte glazes –developed at De Distel in 1902- on a creamy white base. These designs are decorated in a symmetrical fashion, with heavily stylized motifs of flowers, dots and lines. In addition they produced dark decors, with a shiny glaze covering less stylized, asymmetrically applied decorations. Due to the high production costs, the factory switched to household ceramics covered with a drip glaze. The economic crisis forced the factory to close its doors in 1934.