Flyer herfstexpo 2017 buitenkant 1024x686 - the Hague salon autumn exhibition 2017!


Saturday  7 October from 12 noon – 7 pm

Sunday    8 October from 12 noon – 6 pm


Laan van Meerdervoort 41, The Hague



Rachel Reijers:  Antes Art 1900

Jaap Nieuwenhuizen Segaar: Kunsthandel G.J. Nieuwenhuizen Segaar

Rob van Vulpen: Galerie Stylo

Marc Knook: Proportio Divina Gallery

Flyer hersftexpo 2017 binnenkant 1024x687 - the Hague salon autumn exhibition 2017!

“All Animals at the Hague salon”: the longing for exotics and animal symbolism in art

We kindly invite you to our autumn exhibition at the Laan van Meerdervoort 41, The Hague. Various animals will be put on display, created in the Art Nouveau and Art Deco era between 1880 and 1940. The exhibition features bronze and wooden sculptures from J.C. Altorf, George Graff Lambertus Zijl and other artists, also creatures on ceramics by Bert Nienhuis and Theo Nieuwenhuis for example, and of course birds on the famous eggshell porcelain of Rozenburg, The Hague. Likewise, on Daum Nancy’s glass artwork and Lion Cachet’s furniture animals are often featured as ornamentation.

The menageries and their exotic inhabitants once served as status symbols and as a source of private entertainment, but as the 19th century drew to an end, they were opened to the public and The zoo was born. The unfamiliar animals and oddly feathered fowl captured the imagination of the visitors and inspired many Art Nouveau and Art Deco artists, expanding their horizons to faraway, exotic places. Additionally, human traits were attributed to animals, like the ‘vain peacock’ and the ‘melancholic monkey’.

Guest participant Gallery Stylo will display many extraordinary vintage posters and graphic art, depicting animals!

We warmly welcome you with drinks & snacks, to take a look at our ‘menagerie’!

Rachel Reijers, Jaap Nieuwenhuizen Segaar, Rob van Vulpen en Marc Knook