A large and rare Holland Utrecht earthenware wall plate. Painted with a fire-breathing ferocious dragon in a cave, with thistles in the foreground. Diameter 43 cm, marked with the Holland Utrecht J.W. Mijnlieff factory mark and “: 462. R. ” blind stamp 374. The decor is inspired by the ‘dragon decors’ of Rozenburg Den Haag, which in turn were inspired by the drawings of Anton Seder’s ‘Das Thier in der Decorativen Kunst’ from 1896. The polychroom decoration is executed in the typical Holland Utrecht colors: green, lilac purple and orange red.
The NV Fayence and Tile factory Holland from Utrecht was founded in 1895 by Jan Willem Mijnlieff (1862-1940). In 1896 the Holland Factory recruited two important painters from the Rozenburg Den Haag factory: Jan Carel Heytze and Johannes Karel Leurs. Although the Holland Factory took their inspiration in many ways from the designs from Rozenburg, they had their own unique style and a unique polychrome color palette. Most often the Holland Utrecht earthenware vases, tiles and wall plates were of the same outstanding quality as the Dutch Art Nouveau products of Rozenburg, sometimes even better. The quality of this wall plate easily matches the quality of the finest Rozenburg wall plates!
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