~Sold to the Historical Museum of The Hague~

A large and rare Rozenburg Den Haag  earthenware wall plate with a painting of the “Mauritspoort” (also called the “Grenadierspoort”) in The Hague, the rim decorated with poppies and butterflies, diameter 57 cm. Marked with the painted factory mark, yearcode M (1895) and work order number 781, incised the order number for the foundry and monogram LB, model 348. According to the work order books, the plate was painted by the master painter Daniël Harkink, in the week of December 6th, 1895.
On the backside we can see the remains of the Grand Bazar Royal wax seal. The plate was sold through “D. Boer et Fils”. a famous department store in The Hague at the time.

Rozenburg Den Haag Mauritspoort wall plate 1895  - Rozenburg, Den Haag, Daniël Harkink, 1895

The photograph next to the plate dates from around 1890. The tram rails beneath the gate can be clearly seen on both the photograph and the plate. The resemblance is astonishing: take for example the shadows or discolorations on the roof, the lamp next to the gate and the missing lamp on the left!

One of the showrooms of the Grand Bazar Royal, with three large Rozenburg plates above the passage:

Grand Bazar Royal - Rozenburg, Den Haag, Daniël Harkink, 1895

2005 0803 113747 002 - Rozenburg, Den Haag, Daniël Harkink, 1895

Grand Bazar Royal wax seal