Jazz n Drinks buitenkant - The Hague Salon Jazz 'N Drinks, zaterdag 8 december!

Jazz ‘n’ Drinks:

Saturday 8 December from 12:00h till 20:00h

Laan van Meerdervoort 41, The Hague

Jazz n Drinks binnenkant - The Hague Salon Jazz 'N Drinks, zaterdag 8 december!

We’d hereby like to invite you…

…to ‘Jazz ‘N Drinks’ in The Hague Salon!

In many ways, 2018 was a fantastic year for our Salon. We have enjoyed listening to various special guest speakers in the Salon, and the ‘Private Dinner’ was a memorable event! We’ve met many new enthusiasts and collectors at the Salon and many unique art works have found new owners, see also our highlights!

To celebrate this, we’d like to invite you to this extensive drink on Saturday December 8th. The renowned band ‘Jazziezies’ will accompany the festivities with their wonderfully stylish ‘easy listening’ music, from 16.00h till 19.00h, in the shop window* of the Salon!

We warmly invite you to enjoy a bite to eat and a drink from 12.00h!

Rachel, Jaap, Rob, Marc

* In 1883, New York department store Macy’s launched the idea of the so-called animated shop window (click to see!). The shop window was not only specially, often thematically, dressed during the weeks before Christmas, but also fitted with ‘animatronics’; i.e. dolls, often animals, driven by cables.

Rachel Reijers:  Antes Art 1900

Jaap Nieuwenhuizen Segaar: Kunsthandel G.J. Nieuwenhuizen Segaar

Rob van Vulpen: Galerie Stylo

Marc Knook: Kunsthandel Proportio Divina

Highlights 2018 :