We kindly invite you to our autumn exhibition at our gallery in The Hague,

Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th Decmber 2015, from 12pm – 7pm

You’re most welcome! Jaap Nieuwenhuizen Segaar, Rachel Reijers, Marc Knook

The gallery is located at the Laan van Meerdervoort 41, The Hague


Three Dutch art dealers, G.J. Nieuwenhuizen Segaar kunsthandelAntes Art 1900 and Kunsthandel Proportio Divina, will be showing highlights from the 

European Art Nouveau and Art Deco period; art glass, sculptures, Rozenburg eggshell porcelain, furniture, paintings and lamps.



                                                                  DSCF7878 003 300x169 - Autumn exhibition ~The Hague salon~ Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th December 2015