A major Decorative Arts exhibition at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, from February 26 till July 31 2011.
“Circa 1900: Decorative Arts at the Turn of the Century”

“This exhibition features European decorative and fine art from about 1890 to 1910. Works by artists such as Hector Guimard, František Kupka, Edvard Munch, and Vilmós Zsolnay illustrate the fascination of the period with dreams, nature, and the exotic—as well as the creeping unrest felt in Europe as the old century ended and a new, uncertain, one began. Circa 1900: Decorative Arts at the Turn of the Century also features several Art Nouveau items collected by Dominique de Menil that are now part of the Menil Collection.”

For more information: www.mfah.org.