Theo Colenbrander (1841-1930)

Date 22-03-2014 till 28-09-2014
Dutch design avant-la-lettre

Theo Colenbrander is not just considered the first industrial designer in the Netherlands, his work is specifically innovative as well. In his day, only a select group appreciated the bright colours and nearly abstract patterns of his ceramics and his textile designs. In many ways, Colenbrander was ahead of his time, which makes his work still up-to-date.

In 2014 the Drents Museum will organise a major retrospective on Theo Colenbrander. Never before has his work been shown in such volume and diversity: from ceramics to illustrations, from architecture to tapestries. The museum also exhibits work by Colenbrander’s contemporaries, in order to show whether or not Colenbrander was ahead of them.

The exhibition is accompanied by a publication in the series ‘Monografieën van het Drents Museum over kunstenaars uit het tijdperk rond 1900’ (monographs by the Drents Museum on artists around the turn of the last century), written by guest curator Arno Weltens and published by WBooks, Zwolle.
Drents Museum
Brink 1
9401 HS Assen

E1995 0497 (1) - A major retrospective on Theodoor Colenbrander in the Dutch Drents Museum